Our strategy and Vision

At British Airways, we’re on our most important journey yet – to a better, more sustainable future. We call it BA Better World. It means we’re putting sustainability at the heart of our business by creating a great place for our people to work, reducing our emissions and waste and contributing to the communities we serve to build a thriving, resilient, responsible business. Our actions will help make a more connected world for everyone to live in and we’re excited to bring together our people, our customers and our partners to deliver what we believe will be our greatest achievement yet.

  • People

    An informed workforce, diverse & inclusive workplace, creating a sense of wellbeing & belonging that enables people to thrive & drive sustainability.

  • Planet

    Urgent action towards net zero emissions, ensuring respectful use of resources and highest standards of environmental protection.

  • Responsible Business

    Robust business governance and commercial products that reflect our purpose & values & meaningful investment in communities we serve.

Sustainability Governance

British Airways IAG
Oversight & Direction BA Board Sustainability Committee IAG Board Env & CR Committee
Strategy, leadership & Management BA management committee IAG management committee
BA Sustainability Team IAG Sustainability Steering Group
Delivery Network Sustainability Network – experts & champions across Directorates IAG Sustainability Network
Audit, compliance & disclosure Management systems, compliance, internal & external audit and disclosures

Stakeholders in each area

We engage with a variety of external stakeholders who align with our key strategic pillars – People, Planet and Responsible Business. Using the carousel below, you can see which stakeholders we work with within each of these different areas.

Logos of our People Stakeholders
Logos of our Planet Stakeholders
Logos of our Responsible Business Stakeholders

Additional Stakeholders

We also engage with the following stakeholders more broadly on our sustainability strategy.